For December -month in which the event is taking place- Bogota’s temperature will be around 19°C during the day and in the evening it will drop to around 10°C.
Predicting the city’s weather is difficult because it usually changes throughout the day. We suggest you dress in layers. That way, you can easily change your outfit depending on the weather.
It’s important not to forget a good raincoat, boots and an umbrella. Bogota is a rainy city.


The official currency is the Colombian peso (COP)

In Bogotá it’s possible and safe to pay by credit or debit card in restaurants, hotels, cafes and shops. For taxis it’s better to have cash.

1 US $ = 3,394.15 COP

This value may vary daily.

Useful expressions in Colombia

Hola – Hi, Hello - Bonjour
Hasta luego– Good-bye/See you – Au revoir
¡Gracias!– Many Thanks/Thanks a lot – Merci beaucoup
Por favor – Please – S’il vous plaît
No – Si – No - Yes – Non - Oui
¿Hablas inglés? –English? – Anglais?
¿Dónde está la estación de transmilenio? - Where is transmilenio station? – Où est le métro?
CAI - Estación de policia – Police Office – Poste de Police
Clínica - Hospital – Hospital – Hôpital
Droguería – Drugstore, Pharmacy – Pharmacie
Restaurante – Restaurant – Restaurant
Cafetería – Café – Café